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UI Guide & Basic Control | PlayPark Rappelz M

UI Guide & Basic Control

Here’s a rundown on the UI and controls of the game.

  1.  Displays Character’s level, HP, MP, Combat Power(CP). Moves to character detail UI when you tap it.
  2. You can look at the Buffs currently applied when you tap it.
  3. You can see your current location and Dimension info, PK availability of the area and coordinates.
  4. Party: You can look at the Party related information when selected.
  5. From left to right, you can control view/hide others’ appearance, camera mode, camera zoom magnification.
  6. You can capture the game screen.
  7. Joystick: You can move the character in the direction that you want and if you hold for 3 secs after selecting a destination, you move automatically.
  8.  From left to right, it displays current EXP, current server time, network status, battery status.
  9. Potion slot: You can view the amount of potions you own and use it automatically and you can use it manually by tapping it. You can turn ON/OFF the auto-potion feature by swiping it up or down.
  10. You can view Fortune, PK mode setting and currently owned currency.
  11. Chatting: You can view the reduced live chat and view the full chatting menu when tapped and input chat, set macros, and set filters.
  12. Displays the selected monster’s Level/name and the monster’s HP and mentality.
  13. From left to right is Quick Menu, Shop, To-Do, Dungeon, Mail, Open the full menu.

PK Mode Setting:

Features of each tab are as follows.

  • Quick Menu: A shortcut menu for Quest, Dimensional, Guild, Forge, Skill and Creature
  • Shop: You can charge Diamonds or purchase various packages and items.
  • To-Do: You can view lists of contents that you can raise Achievement points and progress.
  • Dungeon: When selected, you can view Solo, Party, Limited time, Event dungeons and enter them.
  • Mail: When selected, you can view the list of mail you’ve received.
  • Full Menu
  1. Quest Panel: You can view quest information of quests in progress or quests available and when you select the panel, it displays the path to your destination.
  2.  Combo Skill: You can use the skills you’ve registered in the skill menu as a combo.
  3.  Combat: You can toggle between manual and automatic.
  • Manual: You move to monsters manually and tap the attack button manually for combat
  • Automatic: Pressing down the button to automatically do a normal attack to a nearby monster
  1.  Target Toggle button: Toggles to a different nearby target every time you tap
  2.  Mind ATK: Uses MP to do a Mind attack to a monster that has a mentality.
  3.  Get on/off mount: If you own a mount, you can ride it to move faster.
  4.  Bag: Moves to Bag menu to use Bag/Storage.
  5.  Quick Slot: You can register usable items & skills to use it immediately.
  6.  You can select this button to enter a Limited time dungeon right away.

  1.  Display Dimension Nobility icon, Guild name, Guild Position, Character name, Affiliated Dimension icon & Opponent HP when in PVP/PK Mode.

  1.  It displays the distance to the destination (Quest), and also displays the direction to the destination (Quest)  like [24.1].
  2.  If you move near an NPC or an object, all buttons for combat disappear and only buttons for speaking or interaction displays.

  • Guild Domain Screen
  1. Displays Total daily morale point & completion, and guild blessing status.
  2. From left to right it displays buttons for exit Guild Domain, Guild Well/Guild Granary/Guild Fishing/Guild Altar Manager.
  3. In the Guild Domain, To-Do and dungeon buttons are inactive, and you can use it after exiting the Guild Domain.
  4. In the Quest panel, Guild Quests progressed in the Guild Domain are displayed.
  • Dungeon Screen
  1. From left to right it displays Currency Buff/Help/Exit buttons.
  • Currency Buff: You can increase your CP for a certain period by using Rupees or Diamonds.
  •  Help: Displays how to use that dungeon with Guide images.
  •  Exit: Use it to exit the dungeon that is in progress.
  1. Displays the current dungeon’s purpose and progress.
  2. You can’t ride mounts in dungeons so it isn’t displayed.