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Gears & Upgrades | PlayPark Rappelz M

Gears & Upgrades

Here’s what you need to know about your weapons & armor.

Main Gear

  • Divided in Tier/Grade. Gear obtained via paid gacha has blessed attribute applied
  • There are basic attributes and additional attributes that can be modified.
  • There’s a gear weight system and you can’t equip the gear if you exceed the equipable weight.


  • When upgrading you need the Upgrade Stone/Rupee/Luck Stone that is relevant to the upgrade level.
  •  It can succeed/fail on chance and the upgrade level decreases when failed
  • If you use Luck Stone you can maintain the upgrade level upon failure.
  • You need a higher level of Upgrade/Luck Stone as your upgrade level increases

Upgrade Transfer

  • You can transfer your upgrade level to another gear of the same part.
  • The transfer success rate decreases as your upgrade level becomes higher.
  • Rupee or Diamond can be used to transfer.
  • If you use Diamond as the transfer currency the success rate is 100%.

Modify Gear

  • You can modify the gear’s additional attribute
  • Empowering Stone and Rupee is used as materials.
  • If you have an additional attribute that you don’t want to change you can use a Lock Stone to prevent that attribute from changing.
  • When you attempt to change the additional attribute via modifying the attribute and value will be chosen randomly
  •  The attributes you’ve obtained as a result can be applied by using the save button.
  •  If you have enough materials you can use the ‘3 Consecutive’ button to obtain multiple results to compare and apply.

Attribute Transfer

  • If you have the same parts, tier, and grade you can transfer the additional attributes to the selected gear by chance.
  • You use Rupee or Diamonds when you transfer attributes
  • If you use Diamond as the transfer currency the success rate is 100%


  • You can obtain additional attributes by engraving Shining Stones or Shining Runes after reaching a certain gear upgrade level
  • The type of rune that can be engraved differs by gear
  • The maximum slot number is decided depending on the gear tier and the number of slots given is decided randomly within the maximum number.
  • Engraved Shining Stone and Shining Runes can be removed from the slot using Rupees.


  •  You can fuse into a higher tier gear by using 2 additional gears of the same grade/tier as the selected gear
  • You need fusion material (Grinding Stone) relative to tier and Rupee
  • The more gears of the 3 gears being fused are blessed, the chance of the result being a blessed gear is higher

Auxiliary Gear

  • Auxiliary Gear with special functions: additional daily free revive, increased upgrade probability, etc.
  • Auxiliary Gear that increases the character’s attribute: the Auxiliary Gear that you receive depending on the preset on character creation can be upgraded to increase the attribute
  • Auxiliary Gear that has special functions can’t be upgraded and can view details when selected.
  • Auxiliary Gear that increases the character’s attribute can be upgraded using Rupees to increase its ability.