• Can I play if I’m not from SEA or Oceania?
    • Rappelz M SEA is available only on official Google Play and AppStores for users from SEA (South East Asia) and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea). Users outside of SEA may only play the game via APK download. 

Please be advised that:

  1. Game events and systems do follow the SEA time Zone.
  2.  In-App Purchases are only available for users who downloaded from official stores
  3. APK users can only topup via PlayMall

APK download link: https://bit.ly/RMSAPK10102

  • Is there PK mode?
    • Yes, you may kill someone from the same dimension and your name will turn red. Keep in mind that you get a penalty of decreasing CP. The CP reduction is not permanent, it will go back to normal when your PK points become 0.

You may change your PK mode by checking the settings at the top middle of the screen. Click on PK and select the preferred settings.

  • How do I clear out my PK points?
    • Here are ways to decrease PK value:
  1. Wait in Safe area (Laksy Town) – it will reduce PK points slowly
  2. Receive Rested Bonus
  3. Defeat Other Red Name Players
  4. Use item (Repentance Potion)
  • Is there player to player trading?
    • No, but you can use the Market where you can buy and sell unbound items with other players.
  • Why can’t I purchase in the Market?
    • You need to reach character level 30 before you can buy in the Market.
  • My creature died, how do I revive it?
    • You need to go to the Breeder NPC in town to revive your creature. Take note that once your creature dies, its durability will decrease. When the durability reaches 0, the creature disappears.
  • My creature’s durability is getting low, how do I increase it?
    • Go to Menu > Creature > Recover then choose the creature you want to increase durability.
  • Why can’t I equip my gears due to weight limit?
    • Weight limit is an in game feature where in every gear has its weight to balance the power in game, it increases automatically upon leveling up.
  • Why can’t I engrave my soul stones/runes to my gears?
    • You need to upgrade your gears to unlock slots to engrave your soul stones/runes.
  • I accidentally dismantled my gear, can it still be restored?
    • No, do note that your items are your sole responsibility, please be careful in your actions.
  • Can I transfer class?
    • No, once your character is created, your class is permanent.
  • Can I change my appearance/customize my character again?
    • Yes, you can buy an Appearance Change item in Crystal Shop and use it at the Appearance Change NPC.
  • Can I bind my account to other login types? Example: Play ID binds to Google Account
    • No, only Guest accounts can be bound to Play ID Login only.
  • I’m not allowed to purchase on stores. How can I buy Diamonds?
    • Official Store purchases are only available for SEA and Oceania. 

You can only buy Diamonds via PlayMall.

Please go to this link to refill for Rappelz M SEA


You may also use this link below as a guide on how to topup.

  • What do I do if I need technical assistance?
    • For us to better assist you:
  1. 1. Submit the issue details on this link: https://bit.ly/RMSTechReports
  2. 2. Send a message to our Facebook Page and provide the email address you enlisted on the submission

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Rappelz.Mobile/

  • I have other inquiries, where can I ask?
    • For Accounts, Payments, and Other concerns, please do file a ticket on iBox.

iBox: https://bit.ly/RMSiBox

  • I have some feedback I want to share, where do I send it?
    • You can help us improve the game by sending us your suggestions here: bit.ly/RMSSuggestions