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Dimension | PlayPark Rappelz M


 You can view the information about your affiliated dimension and nobility
King character can appoint other characters in the same dimension as nobilities
You obtain a certain amount of Glory when you do Dimensional Donation


  • You can view information about all Dimensions and ally information
  • The dimension with the strongest national power can’t make allies
  • If you are the king, you can make an alliance with other dimensions
  • If King from one dimension applies for an alliance to another dimension and the king of that dimension accepts it, the alliance is formed
  • You require a certain amount of funds from both dimensions for an alliance – You can’t make or terminate alliance every day at 16:00~21:00


  • You can view the schedule for dimensional war
  • The King character can declare war on another dimension
  • You need a certain amount of fund to declare war
  • Dimensional War can be declared twice a week per dimension
  • You can view the information for declared war in Dimensional War notice.

Dimensional War

  • When you declare a war, the dimension that declared war defeats monsters in the target dimension
  • Victory is determined by whether or not The Hero monster is defeated
  • If you defeat the middle target monster, you can move to that area even if you die