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Creatures | PlayPark Rappelz M


You can use the creature deployed in the creature deploy menu with the Recall Creature skill to summon it and fight along your side and you can summon more creatures in the sub and support slot if you upgrade your Creature Control Skill.

  •  Creatures deployed in the slot can obtain EXP when the player fights.
  •  You can upgrade them by feeding it Creature Food
  •  You can evolve it when the level reaches a certain stage (Max 3 Stages)
  •  When evolving you use that creature’s creature egg.
  •  You increase the number of stars as you succeed in evolving it and when you fill all the stars it evolves to the next stage
  •  Creatures also have their unique attributes, they can also upgrade their skills like the player using skill books.
  • The summoned creature can die when it’s attacked, you can revive it by using a revive item or the NPC in villages when it dies.

Creature Taming

  • When the monster’s mentality becomes 0 after a Mind attack if you possess the material card the creature taming skill is automatically used. If the taming skill casting is successful, you tame the monster by defeating it.
  • The monster’s mentality depletes faster as the player character’s mind attack is higher
  • Taming can succeed or fail by chance
  • If you succeed taming, you obtain that creature