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Dimensional Link | PlayPark Rappelz M

A change has happened to the Rift. The very Rift that split the world into six parallel dimensions. This change has caused the Rift to shift its alignment. A bridge has been formed between two universes. Denizens of both sides will be able to travel through the lanes between. Will friendships be forged or Mayhem be unleashed?

A link will connect the Glorious and Majestic servers causing the citizens of both worlds to coexist with each other.

Players will then be able to adventure with new companions, Strengthen their home dimensions, Wage war with new rivals for glory.

  • Characters, stats, currencies, and items will stay the same and will not be affected.
  • All rankings will be refreshed after the servers have been linked.
  • Scheduled events will still be the same and will now be shared by all players of the two servers.
  • Players of both Glorious and Majestic servers will coexist with each other simultaneously.
  • This is not a server merge. Players are still to log in by their chosen server for their characters.
  • The Dimensional Link will start on September 16, 2020

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From the makers of FlyFF, Gala Lab and PlayPark brings you Rappelz M. Based on the original PC game played worldwide, Rappelz reforged for your mobile device. Reforge your destiny. Start your legendary fantasy in this brand new 3D mobile MMORPG experience.

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Download: http://onelink.to/pp-rappelzmsea
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