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Version patch | PlayPark Rappelz M

Here’s the latest update of bug fixes, balancing, and improvements.

Version patch notes:

• Fixed the issue where you couldn’t enter dungeons after exiting the Relics of Arid Moonlight.
• Changed the Result Screen in the Relics of Arid Moonlight so that it displays all players that joined.
• Fixed the issue where some players couldn’t view other players in the Mari Cat Market.
• Fixed the issue where the rewards for Battle Arena(Guild) wouldn’t display properly.
• Changed the targeting menu so that it won’t overlap with dungeon panels.
• Changed the waiting time for the Coliseum to 1 second.
• Fixed the issue where the unexpected connection loss compensation wouldn’t display correctly.
• El Cassia’s mini map will now display the difficulty you are in.
• Fixed the menu overlapping in Remains of the Ancients.
• Fixed the issue where the auto-potion usage setting didn’t function as intended.
• Fixed the issue where an error would occur when you transform to monster while riding a mount.
• Other bug fixes and balance changes.