Thy King welcomes you to the world of Rappelz!

To show his generosity, he has offered a set of gifts in exchange for a simple request.

Event: A Simple Request
Event Date: 3 April to 14 Apr 23:59 GMT+8


  1. Show your love for Rappelz M by providing a 5 star rating in Play Store or App Store.
  2. Take a screenshot of the ratings provided and submit your details here: (
  3. Comment, “Thank you, your Majesty.” in this post to complete your submission.

If we reach at least a 4.2 rating after the event, the king will handsomely reward you for your valiant efforts:

  • Treasure Chest D x3
  • Treasure Chest C x3
  • Treasure Chest B x3
  • Treasure Chest A x3
  • Treasure Chest S x3

NOTE: Items will be sent two weeks after the event closes.
Now’s the time to show your loyalty to thy king! 

Available on Official Stores for SEA and Oceania


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Rappelz M is brought to you by Gala Lab, the makers of FlyFF, & PlayPark’s enduring partnership. Which aims to give you an epic fantasy mmorpg experience on your mobile phone